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"She's visiting from New York," my friend informed him.After buying the strawberries, she said, "it's funny how he just assumed I was Taiwanese. He's great eye candy and that's why he getting roles, but come on...

Read more Talented Asian Americans denied an opportunity in Hollywood are escaping the Southern California sun for the friendlier confines of Asia, reports Policy Mic.

However, some sources suggest that his father is of Irish and Native American descent. I have to say that he is healthy, English speaking, and younger version of Japanese/Taiwanese Takeshi Kaneshiro. woooooo T~~ he's tall and handsome i heard he's dating maggie Q right now.

Education: Carson City-Crystal High School (Carson City, Michigan) (played basketball-Coach Jim Warren) Alma College (attended on basketball scholarship) Albion College (attended on basketball scholarship) University of Illinois at Chicago (Business major, received an academic scholarship Hobbies: Guitar, Basketball, Traveling, and Reading extra info: he tries to eat no fat, watches out for carbs, and runs 8 miles a day!

It’s a distinction many outside the Asian American community fail to make. The move stars Daniel Henney as a Chinese American lawyer from New York sent to China by his firm …

Guys plz post everything that you know about Daniel Henney! in 2001 and has worked in France, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the drama, it's delicately revealed that the mother of Henney’s character is also an adoptee. really thank you, I just start to watching Korean series...

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