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This film revels in the hilarity that ensues between dueling bridesmaids.

Rudolph plays the role of the blushing bride soon to wed her adoring fiance.

Rudolph, though, peppers the format with the necessary spice and quirky flavoring that, throwback as it is, keeps that comfort food from feeling stale. To be honest, it was a bit of a mess—albeit a wildly entertaining one.If there’s any such thing as a modern-day Carol Burnett, she may be the closest woman we have to it.The Maya Rudolph Show faithfully revived every tenet of the variety show time capsule, from the cheesy production numbers to the direct-to-camera audience addresses to the celebrity guests and the random sketches.The actress break ground as the first woman of color to star in an Apatow film. She is the daughter of African-American soul singer Minnie Riperton (“Lovin’ You”), who died in 1979 from cancer at the age of 31 when Rudolph was only 6 years old.She was raised by her father of Jewish heritage, Richard Rudolph.

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goes into the ancestral lineages of three black celebrities: Keenan Ivory Wayans, Shonda Rhimes, and Maya Rudolph.

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