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The first known inhabitants of present-day Kenya were Cushitic-speaking tribes that migrated to the northwest region from Ethiopa around 2000 , other tribes arrived from various parts of Africa.Tribal disagreements often led to war during this time.Unfortunately, the animal population is threatened by both hunting and an expanding human population; wildlife numbers fell drastically through the twentieth century.

During the early twentieth century, the British colonizers forced the Africans to work their farms in virtual slavery, and kept the upper hand by making it illegal for the Kenyans to grow their own food.

These ethnic categories are further broken down into subgroups.

One percent of the population is non-African, mostly of Indian and European descent. The official languages are English and Kiswahili (or Swahili).

There are more than forty ethnic groups in the country.

The largest of these is the Kikuyu, representing 22 percent of the population.

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