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I liked this set-up, as it removed the ‘dedicated line’ that Bing occupied before.

I like Bing, but am trying to unclutter all the stuff at the top of the Explorer page, and this was a great discovery.

I disabled that and sure enough the Bing toolbar disappeared and I no longer have the problem. Heck, I not only have BING *don’t have a dang clue what it is* but I got Chrome downloaded to my PC without premission. Initial configuration of the MSN (default) home page showed the Bing bar add-on taking up a full line at the top of the page.

After some days (how this happened I have no idea: I didn’t change any settings), I noticed that the Bing bar had somehow migrated to the right of the url address space, on the topmost line of the page.

Right now I have the Wikipedia search toolbar which I’m going to keep. I should have took note of what it was called but I found a random Add-on in the extensions and just removed it and that got rid of the toolbar. Bing Bar isnt show on remove program list, searched my hard drive for it, nothing found, manage add ons, option to remove is greyed out — how do I get rid of it? Well I can see from all the complaints that bing is really pissing peeps off , me included.

When I LEFT CLICK on the logo of this or any tool bar–the “W” or the Google logo or the “B” -bing logo which is on the RIGHT END of the toolbar, I get the “manage toolbar” window to come up. There was Bing and several other toolbars listed–I just highlighted it and clicked the remove option. I am so damn sick of it sucking up CPU and its set as default now and I cant change that !!!!! I really must say that this is an intrusion ,as I did not ask for Bing yet it would seem that we are all stuck with it…Again MS pulling their BS What Davie said worked for me.

– any help would be much appreciated – thanx, Steve I had the same problem trying to uninstall Bing Toolbar. I also don’t see “ZUGO” in my list of programs either.

It did not say Bing in the ‘manage add-ons’ but I noticed something else I didn’t recognize that said Zugo Ltd. I want to get rid of BING and need instructions for removing it when there is no BING “B” icon, when it doesn’t show up in the list of installed programs, doesn’t show up in FF Add-ons. I just bought an HP Pro Book that came with Explorer 8.

Not long ago getting frequent software updates were a good thing, but today they have become part of the problem.

A day or two later (again without my doing anything), Bing returned to its ‘default’ full line. go to pull down arrow to right of BING search box, select find more search providers, click on search, type in GOOGLE, select add , THEN go back to pull down arrow, manage providers, set google as default, THEN you can rt click or select bling/blang/boom! I have read all the responses, I too hate this intrusion and its a reason I do not buy Microsoft products and screw them anyway I can. Anyway I have no B icons no bing in add or remove etc.

I’ve exhausted all efforts to figure out how to MOVE the Bing bar BACK TO THE TOP, where is SHARES the top line with the Explorer url space. Its a website search engine that MS add in many of the updates and such so if you get rid of it it comes back. I suspect its why I have to set search engine defaults each time I boot up.

Never allow a update to complete without doing a custom install, and reading the screen for what your agreeing to.

Developers for these large companies are aware that very few read the fine print and count on it to force software on your machine you did not want. If you want to read more check out Every time I get to the Manage Add-ons screen and click Bing, I get the message, “This operation ins cancelled due to restrictions on your computer. I have spent three hours trying to get rid of “BING”.

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