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The third round was the same as the first except that each ex was questioned by the opposing counselor, known as the "Cross-ex" Round.

The fourth and final round sent each contestant into the Karaoke Chamber where he or she would individually sing a predetermined song that each felt summed up the relationship.

Richard "Humpty" Vission was the in-house DJ for the show.

Each case will be will judged, defended, and prosecuted with the perfect combination of comedy and justice.

hard already whetted the network’s appetite for hot young singles getting it on and audiences were ready for more.

Afterwards, the "loser" was made to get down on their hands and knees and give 15 seconds to apologize for all the trouble they caused.

The winner had two choices: accept the apology and the let him/her "go on their loser way" or reject the apology and use a Polaroid camera with which to take a picture of the "losing" ex (this ended up happening more often) to be added to the "Do Not Date This Blame Game Loser" section of the Blame Game's website.

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