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Bakker would later acknowledge that he'd had sex with the secretary but claimed it was consensual.The upcoming episode of Scandal Made Me Famous will examine the scandal and speak to the Charlotte Observer reporter Charles Shepard who first uncovered the alleged sex assault and fraud.Bakker ultimately served just five years in prison and was released on parole in 1994.After quietly working with a ministry in California.She claimed he pinned her down for an hour as he attacked her, repeatedly telling her: 'By helping the shepherd, you're helping the sheep.'Hahn later went on to use her public profile, to become a Playboy Playmate and star in several 'B' movies.Rival preacher Jimmy Swaggart – later defrocked for his own sex scandal – discovered Hahn had been paid 9,000 by Bakker's ministry to keep quiet and tried to use that to get his hands on the PTL empire.

According to the Daily Star, ITV bosses are even considering axing the famous singing competition in two years' time if ratings do not improve.According to The Sun, he said: 'Well, I do [think there will be change] actually to be honest with you.'Look, I have grown up in the music business.Even as a kid I was put in situations when I was first working you know, it's not a very nice business.'Explaining that those responsible always get their comeuppance however, he added: 'But people get what they deserve.Ultimately Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell took over the ministry – only to discover it was millions in debt and money raised for hotel time shares had been diverted elsewhere.Bakker's scandals made headlines around the world – the secret bisexual had been caught by a professional clown enjoying an orgy with three much younger men in a sauna, meanwhile Tammy Faye had taken to throwing herself sexually at the hired help and popping prescription pills by the handful.

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The likes of Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne and Rose Mc Gowan have come forward.

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  2. The retired basketball player has had many high profile relationships over the years, but in a new interview with Vice magazine, Dennis admits it hasn't all been fun and games in the bedroom.