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Fingerprint Processing fee: FBI processing fee of , DOJ processing fee of , and an additional "rolling fee" charged by the DOJ authorized vendor.The additional "rolling fee" will vary depending on the vendor and is noted on DOJ's listing of authorized Live Scan Fingerprint vendors.(CCR § 2175.2(c)) The Prohibited Person must file an Application for Written Consent with the CDI as set forth in (CCR § 2175.6).If you meet the definition of a "Prohibited Person" you must submit: Fees: 1033 Application processing fee: 0 made payable to California Department of Insurance.It would also be good if you have a friend or a relative with you to look after your place just in case you want to go to the bathroom or purchase food.During this long wait bringing your tablet, i Phone or anything to entertain you would be helpful, or better yet you can gain a friend by chatting with your fellow applicants. The Magical Hour – I call 9 AM as the Magical Hour, because at nine AM the DFA Baguio guard will start to give out your actual queue numbers, as i’ve said the list and your number in the list is just an initiative from the applicants, on the day when I processed my passport I was happy to know that the number in the list was strictly followed as it was the same number i got from the DFA Baguio guards, Kudos to the lady who constantly checked the list and the line!Consideration of Application for Written Consent (CCR § 2175.7)Factors to be considered by the Commissioner in granting or denying an Application for Written Requests for Consent will include, but are not limited to the following: Termination of Written Consent Failure of the Prohibited Person to comply with all the terms and conditions will result in the termination of the Written Consent and if applicable, summary revocation of the license to transact the business of insurance,(CCR § 2176).

(CCR § 2175.2(g)) "Breach of Trust" means crimes including, but not limited to, any offense involving misuse, misapplication or misappropriation of (1) anything of value held as a fiduciary or (2) anything of value of a public private or charitable entity. C., Sections 1033; California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 1, Article 4.5 Any and all Prohibited Persons who are currently participating in the business of insurance, or who intend to participate in the business of insurance, must receive the written consent of the Insurance Commissioner before participating or continuing to participate in the business of insurance."Prohibited Person" means any person who has been convicted of a felony involving dishonesty or breach of trust, or who has been convicted of any violation of 18 U. A "Prohibited Person" may be an officer, director, employee, agent, solicitor, broker, consultant, third-party administrator, managing general agent, or subcontractor of a resident insurance agency or insurance company domiciled in California.Please be sure to include your name, telephone number, license number (if applicable), and reference the 1033 Application filing requirement.There is a new passport processing system at the DFA Baguio branch. Click for more details about the new DFA Baguio passport processing guidelines. Now, the following processes are those that I actually experienced and may change depending on the circumstances, so I must warn you it is based on experience and it does not cover different processes called by different situations. Prepare Your NSO Birth Certificate – I was planning on processing my passport for a very long time and I must say preparation took months. because my NSO Birth Certificate shows that my first name is “Baby boy”.

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