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But typical residential consumers, who by-and-large aren’t home in the middle of the day, have relatively small home loads at these times.When systems produce excess power because of low load demand, that power is delivered back to the grid and the meter is ‘credited’ for the delivered energy during the day.The same legislation saved the Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and the solar energy industry, from certain doom.Previously, the ITC for solar energy was set to reduce to 10% after December 31, 2016.The credit is now extended through the end of 2019 at the 30% level, and will step down to 26% in 2020, 22% in 2021, and 10% in 2022 and future years.

Now that the solar energy industry is no longer peering anxiously into the abyss of a world without the ITC, we can start thinking about the type of ancillary effects this extension might have.

Those credits are used at night when loads are typically higher in the house and the PV system is not generating.

Historically, net metering rules have given a 1:1 credit for excess generation meaning every excess k Wh generated is a k Wh credited.

The new tariff institutes a new, higher fixed monthly charge (i.e.

independent of energy use) for net metering customers and implements a tiered de-escalation of the ‘credit’ these customers receive for their excess generation.

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Solar City currently holds Nevada’s largest market share for residential solar.

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