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This article is going to cover the science behind the different types of scars and the options you have for removing unwanted ones.

The study revealed that those with facial scars scored a higher attraction level points of 5.6%. It was speculated that though the scars themselves are not attractive, it is the story behind the scar that makes scarred men more appealing.

Keloids seldom form on the face but can be prevalent on the jawline and earlobes (after ear piercing).

They have an asymmetrical shape, sometimes looking like a crab’s claw.

There's no question that being so far apart from your boyfriend or girlfriend sometimes takes a serious toll on your relationship.

From the rushed phone calls to having to schedule time just to talk over Skype, long distance relationships are super hard to maintain for a reason.

This type of scarring has the following characteristics: Contracture Scars Contracture refers to the tightening of the skin during the scars healing process.

This is most commonly seen following a second or third-degree burn.

They can go beyond the original wound area that affects the surrounding skin.

The end result looks uneven, deep, rough and oftentimes untidy.

So how do people view these skin imperfections as a whole?

They have a noticeable protrusion but improves gradually after a year or two.

Some can cause a great deal of inconvenience when it becomes persistently itchy or when a range of motion is significantly limited when located near a joint.

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