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You will, however, be eligible to participate in varsity tryouts, practices, scrimmages, jamborees, etc., and non-varsity (JV, B-squad, etc.) competitions. If none of the five provisions set forth above apply and you are determined ineligible, you can request that the MSHSL review the determination of ineligibility.

There are seven circumstances with which you can request a review: When you enrolled at your new school [receiving school] and indicated an interest in participating in athletics, the school compiled information and submitted a student transfer report to the MSHSL.

This includes home schools, charter schools, and online schools.

If none of the above apply, you will be ineligible (for one calendar year from the date of the transfer) from participating in interscholastic varsity athletic competition.

The venues are separated by only two and a half miles.

The competition was separated in form only; five kids working together on the basketball court and individuals wrestling individuals. The wrestling tournament is the best competition in that sport outside the state tournament at Xcel Energy Center in February.

You should provide a written explanation and documentation supporting your request for review.

The Christmas tournament also crowns a team champion based on how individuals fare, and if you heard some whooping and hollering from Anoka late Saturday night it was because the Tornadoes won the Christmas tournament for the first time in history.

Before transferring schools, please review the following so that you will understand the transfers impact on your varsity eligibility.

A transfer student is a student who discontinues enrollment and attendance in any high school, public or non-public, and enrolls in any other high school in Minnesota, or outside of Minnesota.

The MSHSL understands that varsity eligibility is important to you.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding transfer eligibility.

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All denied Transfer Eligibility Review requests for varsity competition eligibility will be reviewed by the MSHSL Board of Directors Eligibility Committee for further review or referral to an Independent Reviewer.

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