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I just like cock.' I remember the first time I heard those words come out of my mouth. My first thought was, what the fuck did I just say?

My secon[Bi Sexual/Gay] By dmooredmoore [An office party leads to MMMF sex.] We were already tipsy when my husband David and I crashed giggling through the front door of Charles and William's Laurel Canyon bungalow. It had been the night of the company Christmas par[GAY] By Irish James Hot [A hot sexual encounter I think occurs nearly every day.] A fair number of years ago, I was about 19 or so.

While I often do not write of my experiences, this experience was so thri I met Rob at a bar one day after finishing my round of golf. I prefer women but have always wanted to suck a cock. I was surprised, I had already received a message from "M T" at am. When you read[GAY/Domination & Submission] By plyasian [Alex's first trip to a gloryhole.] BEEP! If gay sex, public sex or forced sexual situations offend you please do not read this story. ***** I am a happy married ma[BISEXUAL/Gay] By jbrig [First glory hole cock helps sucker get over his homophobia.] Author's Note: This story is graphic!

My biggest fantasies are a MFM threesome and to be used and dominated by a group(female or male). If gay sex, public sex or forced sexual situations offend you please do not read this story.

It was one week later and Joe met me at work again. I suppose I was bi-curious, mostly straight but with a definite curious streak as to what it would be like to have a cock in my hand, or in my mouth I met him on one of those gay phone sex lines.

This time we went for coffee (well he did, I don't drink the stuff, ulcers) before we went home. Then after he cums he doesn't have to rest or take a break My Fifth Bi experience; The Worst Ever! I was particularly horny that night so I stripped down, lay on my bed, and dialed the number.

As I woke up this morning a tingle ran up my spine.

Even amid this high level of mutual accomplishment, Pete was clearly the more successful [GAY] By Cronic Cruiser [A fuck at the adult book store.] I arrived in the parking lot of the local adult bookstore.

I was there to attend a week long seminar for my office.

I had never been there before, and I was looking forward to seeing the sights.

I had recently finished school and got myself a handy job.

Making money and being young, I of course began heading into town (Dublin) on the weekends for some very There I was - checking into a hotel in Kansas City.

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