Sex chat in marathi language

She repeated this several times and they both stared at his lotion-covered cock bobbing in the air.

Every time it landed on his stomach it made a wet smacking sound which excited them both.

He pulled his feet up and sheforced his legs as wide as they could go. ” Hearing hismother talk like this while she was rubbing his balls and staring at this cock was driving David crazy.

She was both a caring mother and a curvy, sexual creature. She applied more lotion to her handsand began massaging his strong thighs.

It's fine if you were, I know youhave them.”David nodded, bringing a smile to Carol's face. Her smell was also stimulating and David's naked cock grew under thesheet.

She leaned forward again, reached under thepillow, and grabbed the magazine. Carol looked at the magazine and saw that it featured very curvy mature women. She noticed that his eyes were straying down to her chest.

He gazed at it hungrily, looking up to see her smiling athim and making no move to cover herself.

She picked up the lotion and lifted it above his groin.

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