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The information gathered from these scales comes together to provide you with a picture of where your interests lie and which jobs or school majors match these interests.

Each scale is ranked by the individual’s scores, so you aren’t simply told your highest scores—you’ll see specific patterns that come with your Strong Interest Inventory (such as what your second highest scale was, which can still contribute to your ideal occupational path).

Depending on your answers, you can be categorized by a one-, two-, or three-letter General Occupational Code.

For example, the Social and the Enterprising scales are more closely related than Enterprising and Investigative, so it is not uncommon for an individual to score highly in both.

On the other hand, it is also possible that an individual will score highly in an Occupational Theme that they may not see a correlation between all interests of that theme—this just goes to show that very rarely are there individuals that are considered “pure” types, meaning that they fulfill all facets of a specific theme.

Major revisions occurred in 19 through the work of Jo-Ida Hansen and in 1994 thanks to the work of Lenore Harmon and Fred Borgen.

These major revisions created opportunities to update and revise the main sections of the instrument.

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You might also score high on the Realistic theme if you enjoy working with tools, computers, computer networks, and machines.

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