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Also his favourite issues are skin colour, racism and cannibalism.During 1.5 years he lies that he met celebrities face to face and has a very beautiful GF from the USA, who calls him every day to India and loves him. He uses so many different names and stolen pictures .Well, after a few days, I already deleted the account. Exactly the same messages I received when I first joined the penpal club a few years ago.At first, this Indian scammer from the same profile again, using several ones.

) - Become extremely angry that I was not available to proofread their report before submitting it, despite having no idea what their schedule is (and a life of my own offline).Not worth the mental anguish that it used to cause me, where I wondered what I had said or done to deserve being dropped like a molten rock for no apparent reason.To even have a shot at improving, the Interpals team would need to figure out a way to restore the community to what it used to be, because ultimately, it isn't the admins' fault that the people have turned sour. I don't even know where you would begin to fix it.In my own experience, my messages (polite, thoughtful, interested in their hobbies) have a response rate somewhere around 20% on a good day.And that's including the ones who chat with you for the day and then pretend you are dead.

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