Updating repositories in ubuntu server

Sign in (with your @account, of course) and you'll get an "Edit" button at the top of the page.Bias towards action: This document provides an overview of the tasks required to develop Chromium OS.Now that you've synced down the source code, you need to create this chroot. The command with --bootstrap takes about half an hour to run on a four core machine.It compiles quite a bit of software, which it installs into your chroot, and downloads some additional items (around 300MB).The tasks are grouped into the following sections: If you're a Chromium OS developer, YOU SHOULD UPDATE THIS DOCUMENT and fix things as appropriate.There's a "Sign In" text button at the very bottom of this page.While it is building you will see a regular update of the number of packages left to build.

You can enter the chroot by calling: This is the same command used to create the chroot, but if the chroot already exists, it will just enter.

This guide describes the common tasks required to develop Chromium OS.

The guide is organized linearly, so that developers who are new to Chromium OS can follow the tasks in sequence.

After you've learned the basics, check out the links in the additional information section at the end of this document for You must have Linux to develop Chromium OS. However, we can't support everyone and their dog's Linux distro, so the only official supported environment is listed below.

If you encounter issues with other setups, patches are generally welcomed, but please do not expect us to figure out your distro.

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