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As any product manager, I tried enhancing the scope of the product – making it fit more verticals. There is no incentive for a cable company to offer this capability. The integration with such cameras is somewhat painful, but it gets the job done and deals with some of the hardware issues mentioned above. I am not sure how popular it is and how much use does this gets. They are designed for apps to some extent, so adding video calling as a third party should be possible.

Ben je echter nog niet zeker of dit wel is wat je wilt én verwacht?Customer after customer, the feedback was that we were using the wrong processors. In my living room, will the camera capture all of my living room space? TI and Intel are great companies, but no one was using them for set top boxes at the time. It is also good at putting some kind of an image overlay on a running video (that would be the menu). Adding video encoding into it for the purpose of running a video call was rather expensive to do. Dealing with a scenario of watching video while engaging in a video call at the same time makes that chip even more expensive. Do you purchase it as an external peripheral and install it on your own (sure…).

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