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She is keen to point out that a Skirt Club party is not a place to find your soul mate: 'For many people it's a once-in-a-lifetime "let’s check this one off the bucket list" experience before going back to their husbands.

Rape also can happen when you cannot physically give consent, such as while you were drunk, passed out, or high.Anyone can use coercion — for example, husbands, partners, boyfriends, friends, coworkers, bosses, or dates. If you are feeling pressured to do something you don't want to do, speak up or leave the situation.It is better to risk a relationship ending or hurting someone's feelings than to do something you aren't ready or willing to do.'The evening had a very natural progression though.Things don't 'After the speaker some ladies continued with conversations, some went off to the bedrooms and some stayed in the lounge where we some fun tequila body shots.

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It appeared women were there primarily to please their partners. Something more glamorous, and where women really were calling all the shots so I decided to try it with a small group of interested friends, and remove men from the equation entirely.'I have learned that most women are attracted to women, it doesn't mean that they are gay. Most of our members are married or have long-term partners, and Skirt Club is a place for them to have a wild night playing with other like-minded girls before going back to their grown-up lives.'The club celebrated its first birthday last month and from a small group of frisky friends the membership has grown to a community of several hundred well-heeled women who attend parties and events as well as chat through the club's website.

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