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If you don't want your new site to start displaying for everyone, don't change the DNS settings.

If you want to make sure your new site looks good, check out Preview your website.

(I was halfway round the world from home.) However, when I logged in remotely to my home machine and visited the website, the updates were all there.

Then back to the local machine and updates were not there.

(Gotta love those not-so-technical terms.) In essence, that check for "is there something newer than what I have in my cache" fails, or the attempt to download and replace what's in the cache fails.

The problem was that it always showed the current date, even though I did not change anything on the page.However, what if that PC is at work or using another ISP and behind behind a proxy.It doesn't explain why defrag would work but does move the problem outside the PC.That way even for information that changes you always see the most current.The problem you're experiencing happens when the cache goes "wonky".

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In your case, it's particularly noticeable since you're expecting the information to change, and in fact know that it has, and yet the web page doesn't update.

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