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I teach first grade and have two small children of my own.

A robotic spy-cam chick rover has allowed film makers to capture unprecedented footage of notoriously shy Emperor Penguins.

“Nothing, nothing, wildebeest, nothing, wildebeest, nothing nothing, then LEOPARD!! “Mating porcupines, oxpeckers roosting in the crotch of a giraffe, a small herd of eland posed like a bouquet, spectacular views of zebra and wildebeest herds running directly towards the camera, and any LEOPARD! To learn more about Snapshot Serengeti, visit their website or read more from National Geographic.

“I love that I can prove that Santa and his elves will visit, even if the grand kids are at Grandma’s!! I have been contacted by many teachers and parents wondering how they can ‘catch’ their own elves!

The idea is to use devices on the rover to read signals from radio tags on the birds.

The device meant that researchers were able to watch the film from more than 650 feet away.

The first disguised version of the rover, made of fiberglass, didn't pass muster and scared the real birds, Le Maho said.

” After the photos were classified, the date and location of each image was used to place the animals across the grid.

“We can see how each species has moved around a 700 square mile area month by month for the past three years,” says Packer. In all, 32,935 registered volunteers (and almost as many unregistered users) classified 1.54 million photographic sequences.

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