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This efficacy study showed that at an SNR of -6 d B, group speech recognition was 24% better for the directional hearing aid (Lentz, 1972).Although this example is from over 40 years ago, it’s not all that different than the supporting research we often see today.

With this type of measure, if the sample size is at least 15-20 participants, it’s common that differences of 1.5-2.0 d B are statistically significant. If a new DNR system results in a 2 d B SNR improvement, will this be perceptually noticeable for your patients? Recent research from Mc Shefferty and colleagues (2015) reported that a just-noticeable-difference for a speech-to-noise ratio is about 3 d B.

Channel 10 Sports Challenge with Vai and a cable segment on Luxury in Philadelphia, Time Magazine visited Spa Elysium and did an article which featured bikram yoga and one of our yoga teachers Leah Weisman.

It’s only January, but some of us already are looking forward to spring (especially those of us who live in North Dakota).

And there is some good news on that front—baseball’s spring training opens in just five weeks!

One of baseball’s legends, however, won’t be around to witness the opening this year.

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In honor of Yogi, our title for this month’s 20Q is one of them: "The future ain’t what it used to be." At the time, there were a lot of questions surrounding the use of programmable hearing aids, and I thought it might be appropriate to use several Yogi-isms to help sort out the confusion.

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