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What they offer: Child development center, A multidisciplinary program for diagnosis and treatment of children with ASD, summer camp, technological playground Jerusalem Variety Center (JVC) aimed to allow children with special needs and their families equal opportunities in the future, through educational and social activities, and financial support.

JVC believes in the right of every child to have access to the most professional tools in helping unleash their talents and abilities and to promote their integration into society as much as possible.

Israel is well known for its produce, amazing scenery, technology sector, scientific advances and much, much more.

We foresee a future where they never again have to suffer the social isolation that has often been so prevalent in society.For JVC, its operation is a social mission and all its workers do their jobs with dedication, efficiency, and professional expertise in order to fulfill the vision of the center.The Jerusalem Variety Center is a unique institution.Mainstream adolescents often lack meaningful focus and sense of purpose.Forging lifelong friendships and socialization between the two solves both problems while fostering a more sensitive and elevated society.

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This steadfast commitment has changed the face of rehabilitative care in Israel.

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