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The Dutch student accused of playing a 'pull a pig' prank on a British bar manager says he cannot remember if he sent the cruel message - and said any 'pig' text he sent just referred to sex.

Jesse Mateman had insisted he broke off all contact with bar manager Sophie Stevenson after their holiday fling in Barcelona this summer.

He then said he could not wait and asked if Sophie would come over to Amsterdam.

'Sophie said as she was getting on the plane he was calling her and telling her he couldn't wait to meet her at the hotel.

When I saw that message, I wanted to be sick.' Student Mateman, 21, had vociferously denied the allegations and insisted he broke off all contact with Miss Stevenson after their break.

Yesterday Mr Mateman denied having had any kind of relationship, telling Mail Online: 'I've been in a hotel room with her, but I never slept with her.

Today, however, he admitted he slept with Ms Stevenson.

'The messages contained in those tabloids are either made by Sophie or by the newspapers, because I did not send them.

'Jesse said he had no idea she would be in Schiphol [Amsterdam] after she claimed they had arranged to meet.'In fact, I wonder if Sophie has been at Schiphol at all. Her mother Julie Stevenson said her daughter is 'in absolute bits' after falling victim to the alleged 'stunt' that sees creepy men compete to chat up women they deem to be 'the fat ugly girl'.

She said Mateman messaged her after she arrived at Schiphol saying: 'You were pigged' and added two pigs and laughing face emojis adding, 'It was all a joke.'Heartbroken Miss Stevenson replied: 'How could you be so cruel though!

' Her furious mother told the ITV show today: ‘He [Mateman] is trying to make out she’s lying. Ms Stevenson told This Morning: 'It’s embarrassing its humiliating, I’ve done this because I don’t want it to happen to other girls.'And her mother Julie added: 'I dropped her off [at the airport] in the morning she was so excited. 'At the end of the day, if he wants to live with what he's saying, we know what's the truth, and he knows what's the truth.

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But the 21-year-old Dutch student has now admitted he did sleep with Ms Stevenson, and claims while he cannot remember calling her a 'pig', if he did it was 'in relation to their sex' rather than her appearance.

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